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Wheel Alignment

should be checked whenever new tires are installed
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Tyre Plus network is

supported and certified by MICHELIN.
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Established in Dubai,

United Arab Emirates in 1996
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Wheel balancing

– When the experts at TYREPLUS AL SGAMI balance your wheels, they are helping to ensure that your tyres are spinning around as evenly as possible, which is important for optimal driving performance. Wheel-balance service includes: 

– Tyre and wheel removal 

– Mounting each wheel on a state-of-the-art balancing machine 

– Spinning each wheel to make sure the weight of the wheel and tyre are balanced evenly around the axle
– Detecting and locating any imbalance

– Attaching the appropriate weight on the opposite side of the tyre to compensate for weight differences 

– Remounting tyres and wheels
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